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The 7 Day Parent Coach   Lorraine Thomas

The 7 Day Parent Coach

155x230 304 страниц. 2009 год.
This work offers a ground-breaking and innovative approach to solving problems that affect all parents. Parent coaching is a new approach to parenting that is sweeping the US and quickly catching on in the UK. It is unique because it doesn't offer general advice, counselling or therapy but instead provides a practical framework for parents to focus on solutions to common family problems and develop tailor-made strategies to help achieve them. Top parenting coach Lorraine Thomas offers parents a simple and easy-to-implement timeframe - perfect for busy mums and dads - and advises on how to each day break down the big picture into a series of achievable steps for problem-solving. With accessible advice on the top physical, financial and relationships problems that all parents are faced with, "The 7-Day Parent Coach" also offers information on: creating confident children; cutting stress and boosting energy; dealing with guilt; communicating with your children; rewards, motivation and...
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