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2015 год.
Lucas Kendrick, now the Duke of Harndon after his brother's death, reluctantly comes back to England after ten years of exile in France. He recoils at the idea of becoming reacquainted with a family that rejected him, and even though it's his duty to marry, he's been bitter and cynical about love since his older brother destroyed his happiness so many years ago. Yet his wedding to Anna Marlowe, barely one week after their first encounter, could easily change his mind about love. Anna Marlowe thought she would remain a spinster for the rest of her life. Years of self-sacrifice to take care of her family brought her to the age of twenty-five without the chance to find a husband, and a man from her past made sure in a most dreadful way that she could never marry. But her attraction to the handsome Duke of Harndon leads her to marriage before she can weigh the consequences.
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