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Great Expectations   Charles Dickens

Great Expectations

145x215 480 страниц. 2015 год.
Penguin Books Ltd., Penguin Classics
Charles Dickens's penultimate novel, "Great Expectations", received universal acclaim upon its release in 1860-61. A masterful tale of memorable characters; among them, an escaped convict, an eccentric old woman, a kind and generous blacksmith and a beautiful but distant young girl, Dickens called it "a very fine, new and grotesque idea." As in his earlier novel, 'David Copperfield", the story is narrated in the first person and traces the coming of age of the central character, a young boy named Pip. The themes explore wealth, poverty, love and rejection and the ultimate conquest of good over evil. A masterpiece of 19th century literature, it has inspired many other authors and has been adapted to film and theater numerous times. The Pied Piper Classics series offers a beautifully formatted collection of some of the finest writers of the past two centuries; an invitation to explore how certain themes of the human condition have remained timeless, and others have evolved.
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