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Over to Candleford   Flora Thompson

Over to Candleford

Modern Classics
130x195 160 страниц. 2009 год.
Penguin Books Ltd.
In the little hamlet of Lark Rise times are changing and Laura is growing up. Although she must attend the nearby village school, she would far rather read and make up stories in her head. Real-life excitement comes, however, when she and her beloved younger brother Edmund are allowed to walk on their own to the grand market town of Candleford to stay with their relatives one summer. There, Laura discovers the joys of the shops, the ways of boy-talk with her cousins and the secret world of 'Bookworms Ltd' with her Uncle Tom, before an offer arrives that will determine her future. A story of friendships, rivalries and a young girl finding her place in the world, this is the second part of Flora Thompson's endearing "Lark Rise to Candleford" trilogy on country life, which evokes the passage from childhood to adolescence and a society on the cusp of transformation.
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