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The Mother-Light   Unknown Author

The Mother-Light

308 страниц. 2015 год.
Книга по Требованию
Excerpt from The Mother-Light: A Novel Up went the curtain at the Garden Theatre on the third act of the Morals of the Marchioness. A boudoir - the Marchioness's; her maid Therese moving about alone. She lit lamps, she drew curtains, she straightened rugs, she arranged cushions - she touched and lingered upon each of the costly articles the management had assembled and advertised for that crucial act. Her close-fitting black costume with white at the neck and wrists gave her long, slim figure its opportunity. But, more than by figure or by grace, she pleased because she radiated that mystery of attraction called personal magnetism - strong and silent and mysterious as gravitation, its corresponding force in the universe of matter. At the rise of the curtain the audience had immediately applauded - that was for scenery and settings. As Therese made her exit, there was more, and more vigorous, applause - that was the unconscious tribute to her unconscious magnetism. ...
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