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Zen: 50 Mandalas to Help You De-Stress: Coloring for Mindfulness  

Zen: 50 Mandalas to Help You De-Stress: Coloring for Mindfulness

170x220 64 страниц. 2015 год.
The mandala is a part of Hindu tradition. It is a semi-abstract, semi-figurative design that aids meditation. Restful and relaxing, it opens the way to inner calm and letting go. It is relatively symmetrical in structure, with different kinds of geometric motifs surrounding a well-defined centre. The mandala is always enclosed by an outer border, while the eye is immediately drawn towards the central point. There are different ways of working with mandalas: colouring in, drawing, contemplation. This book contains 50 mandalas to colour in. Just choose one that appeals to you instinctively, at random, and begin. There are no rules: use whatever medium you like - felt tips, pencils, gouache, pastels - and whatever colours you like from the selection available. A feeling of calm will gradually take over and you will be completely absorbed in what you are doing and the colours filling up the blank shapes. It's a great way to simply let go of everyday cares! You can also design...
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