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The God of Mischief   Paul Bajoria

The God of Mischief

400 страниц. 2007 год.
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Sir Septimus Cloy, their closest living relative, gives them free reign and rarely shows his face. The kids amuse themselves by exploring the mysterious old castle and grounds until they come upon one of Cloy's servants burying what appears to be a body in the garden. Soon after, the twins narrowly escape several dangerous "accidents", their governess is found hanged, and rumors of a curse make them unwelcome in the nearby village. Bajoria keeps his curious duo busy uncovering secrets, stringing together clues, and calling on their quick wits to sidestep danger. There's a lot happening, but the story never bogs down or becomes confusing, and the ending, when Mog and Nick learn the answers to questions about their past, is completely satisfying. This is a strong sequel, featuring a pair of likable, spirited protagonists and plenty of compelling mysteries for them to solve.
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