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The Golden Keel   Desmond Bagley

The Golden Keel

115x175 224 страниц. 1972 год.
Fontana books
This riveting novel of adventure is based on a true story, one of the most daring hijacking exploits in recent history, which continues to baffle both the Italian police and Interpol. When the Allies landed in Italy during the last war, Mussolini's vast personal treasure, consisting of four tons of gold, millions in currency and jewels, and some of the most important Government archives, was moved north in a German S.S. convoy. As the convoy neared the Ligurian coast, it vanished. It has never been recovered. But a few men knew where it was hidden. Years later they decided to try and smuggle it out of Italy. For this purpose they built a specially designed yacht in South Africa and set sail for the Mediterranean. But getting the treasure out of Italy proved well-nigh impossible. Not only were the Italian Government hot on the trail, but also a group of former partisans as well as a piratical British smuggler. The fate of the yacht and her crew is charted with breathtaking...
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