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Slime Squad Vs The Fearsome Fists   Cole, Steve

Slime Squad Vs The Fearsome Fists

2014 год.
IF YOU CAN'T TAKE THE SLIME, DON'T DO THE CRIME! An hilarious series about a group of crime-busting monsters - The Slime Squad! From the bestselling author of Astrosaurs and Cows in Action! Plog, Furp, Zill and Danjo aren't just monsters in a rubbish dump. Together, they are the SLIME SQUAD - crime-busting super-monsters here to save their whiffy world! Trashland is in trouble. Fearsome fist-creatures are on the rampage. Only four brave and slimy monsters can stop them. Are they up to the challenge? Or will the Fists flatten them and rule over all with an iron hand . . . ? It's time to fight crime with slime! INCLUDES FREE COLLECTOR CARDS INSIDE!
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