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Goth Girl and the Host of a Mouse (подарочное издание)   Chris Riddell

Goth Girl and the Host of a Mouse (подарочное издание)

140x190 224 страниц. 2013 год.
Macmillan Children's Books
Подарочное издание в твердом переплете, декорированном фольгой, с сиреневым зеркальным обрезом. Ada Goth lives at Ghastly-Gorm Hall with her father, the famous cycling poet Lord Goth. There are a host of servants, plenty of eccentric house guests and at least half a dozen ghosts, but Ada is lonely. She doesn't have any friends her own age, and Lord Goth believes children should be "heard and not seen", making her wear clumpy boots so he can always hear her coming. Then one night, a ghostly mouse called Ishmael appears in Ada's bedroom and asks for her help. Soon, Ada finds herself joining forces with some young visitors, William and Emily Cabbage, as well as their friends in the Attic Club, to unravel a dastardly plot being hatched by Maltravers, the sinister indoor gamekeeper. Together, can they stop Maltravers before he unleashes his terrible plan on the day of Lord Goth's famous metaphorical bicycle race and indoor hunt? Fans of Chris Riddell's OTTOLINE books...
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