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The Bat   Jo Nesbo

The Bat

110x180 432 страниц. 2013 год.
The bat: a harry hole thriller is the first book in the bestselling harry hole series. Harry hole is a norwegian detective who lands in sydney, australia with regards to the rape and murder of inger holter, a norwegian national. Invited in a diplomatic capacity, hole's primary job is to observe and be a part of the investigation but from a distance. However, how long can harry hole keep out of trouble?the plot starts at the murder of inger holter, a young blonde who has been raped, stifled and thrown off a cliff. Assisted by andrew kensington, hole learns a great deal about the local culture. However, his sharp senses soon put him amongst the thick of things. Further, he hooks up with a swedish barmaid who was friends with inger leading to meetings with a number of peculiar characters ranging from pimps, prostitutes, transvestites and fighters in sydney.the bat, as described, originally represents death to certain native residents of australia. Soon, hole and his colleagues trace...
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