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The Fairy's Wing   Claire Taylor-Smith

The Fairy's Wing

Hattie B, Magical Vet
125x175 160 страниц. 2014 год.
The Fairy's Wing, is the third book in a magical new series for girls! Discover a secret world of fairy-tale creatures! Hattie B knows there's no time to lose when her charm bracelet calls her back to the Kingdom of Bellua. Evil King Ivar of the Imps wants to fly, so he's stolen the magic from a fairy's wing. Hattie must find an enchanted thread to fix the wing, but someone is determined to stop her... Hattie B is inspired by a little girl called Harriet, who once asked "where do unicorns and dragons go when they're unwell?" Her mum, Lindsay Taylor, and their friend, Suzanne Smith thought long and hard and suddenly realised - a magical vet of course! With this twinkle of an idea they met the writer Claire Baker and together they created the Kingdom of Bellua - and the pen name Claire Taylor-Smith.
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