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COBOL for the 21st Century   Nancy Stern, Robert A. Stern, James P. Ley

COBOL for the 21st Century

215x275 832 страниц. 2006 год.
John Wiley and Sons, Ltd
Just like the evergreen, the COBOL programming language has remained vibrant and full of life year after year. Today, COBOL is running a large number of the world's business data applications, and it's likely to remain a viable language in the years ahead. Now in its 11th Edition, Nancy Stern, Robert Stern, and James Ley's "COBOL for the 21st Century" continues to show how to design COBOL programs that are easy to read, debug, modify, and maintain. You'll learn to write interactive programs as well as batch programs with sophisticated file processing techniques, and become familiar with valuable information processing and systems concepts. Features: Updated to reflect COBOL 2008, where appropriate. A chapter on the Report Writer Module. More end-of-chapter questions. A running case study builds on what you have learned in each chapter. Integrated coverage of interactive programming. Covers information processing and systems concepts that...
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