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Technology of Creation. Introduction in the World Order Theory   Виктор А. Корнилов

Technology of Creation. Introduction in the World Order Theory

70x100/16 336 страниц. 2011 год.
Readers are offered a hypothesis of the structure of the Universe in the broadest sense of the word. The author uses technological analysis to gain an insight into the unknown spheres of Creation. Analyzing the way in which the World, consisting of heterogeneous things, is united into a balanced entity - the author finds answers to questions such as: how the Universe is organized, who created it and for what purpose. The book is so unusual that it resists standard classification. The language of a popular science volume is coupled with the conclusions and generalizations that attempt to change the scientific paradigm and revolutionize religious consciousness. The reader is presented with a dramatic, but quite understandable picture of the World, where Matter and Spirit, Freedom and Necessity, Belief and Knowledge interact in harmony, but leave no place for mysticism or magic. The book is addressed to those people who want to know about how the World is...
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