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Programming Windows Phone 7   Charles Petzold

Programming Windows Phone 7

185x230 792 страниц. 2011 год.
Microsoft Press
Get started building your own apps and utilities for Windows Phone 7-expertly guided by award-winning author Charles Petzold. Focusing on Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 and the C# language, you'll learn how to extend your existing skills to this new mobile platform-mastering the core tools and techniques you need to get productive quickly. As always, Charles brings a unique combination of pragmatism and inspiration to his instruction-along with a wealth of hands-on examples. Discover how to: Customize page navigation and layout. Know when to use code vs. XAML markup. Capture and embed bitmaps, balancing performance issues. Support multi-touch input-including tap, drag, flick, and pinch. Work with accelerometer and location services. Experiment with panoramic and pivot controls. Create effects using built-in or custom animations. Manage state, tomb stoning, data-binding, and...
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