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Unforgettable   Cecily von Ziegesar


It Girl
130x195 288 страниц. 2008 год.
Since Jenny arrived at Waverly Academy and set out on her mission to become it, she's certainly made an impact! From stealing her roommate's boyfriend to making enemies of the notorious Tinsley Carmichael -she's always given the girls something to talk about. But old rivalries are about to make way for new friendships as Dumbarton's residents embrace the sharing-is-caring vibe at the newly founded Women of Waverly club. There are some pretty juicy topics up for discussion, and some even juicier topics (like which two girls might be sharing more than just their designer wardrobe?) being kept under wraps - for now... With secrets this scandalous it's only a matter of time before Waverly's new found girl power explodes into a massive girl fight. "Unforgettable" - the fourth book in the delicious "It Girl" series.
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