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Simple Genius   David Baldacci

Simple Genius

110x180 592 страниц. 2007 год.
Pan Books
Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are both haunted by their last case. Reluctantly undergoing therapy. Michelle unearths disturbing secrets in the hospital... Sean is forced to accept a much-needed job. A physicist has died in mysterious circumstances near Babbage Town - a secretive research centre full of eccentric scientists and cryptographers. Meanwhile, the dead man's young daughter, piano-playing prodigy Viggie, has secrets of her own. But what is the significance of the phrase "codes and blood"? Directly across the York River from Babbage Town lies the sinister CIA training ground. Camp Peary, where the physicist's body was found. With both the FBI and CIA breathing down Sean's neck, can he discover the truth - and in time to save Michelle from herself?
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