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  Edited by Josef Aicher, Erich Kussbach and August Reinisch

Decisions of the Arbitration Panel for In Rem Restitution

500 страниц. 2011 год.
The series 'Decisions of the Arbitration Panel for In Rem Restitution' documents one of Austria's most recent compensation measures dealing with the consequences of the National Socialist era. For property which was seized during the National Socialist era and is now publicly owned, the possibility of in rem restitution was provided for in the Washington Settlement Agreement of 17 January 2001. The Arbitration Panel for In Rem Restitution, established with the General Settlement Fund in Vienna, decides on applications for restitution. For the most part, the applications concern real estate that was confiscated between 1938 and 1945, was publicly owned on the Agreement cut off day (17 January 2001) and in many cases had already been the subject of restitution proceedings after 1945. Since 2003, the Arbitration Panel has decided on a great number of applications and has recommended the restitution of property to the legal successors of former owners in several cases. In the course of...
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