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Galileo, Science and the Church   Jerome J. Langford

Galileo, Science and the Church

Ann Arbor Paperbacks
135x205 248 страниц. 1992 год.
University of Michigan Press
When Pope Urban VIII described Galileo as the man who "gave rise to the greatest scandal in Christendom," he had no inkling that centuries later the case of Galileo would still be in the open courts of scientific and public opinion. Far from closing with his condemnation in 1633, this infamous controversy became a focal point for polemicists, apologists, novelists, and playwrights. Yet with few exceptions, the vast literature generated by the Galileo affair has either missed the real issues at stake or has lifted them out of their proper historical milieu. Based on extensive research, "Galileo, Science and the Church" admirably fills these gaps, presenting a penetrating and objective account of the circumstances, events, and enduring consequences of that momentous human and philosophical drama. Recognized as a classic account of the case—in print for more than twenty-five years—this third edition is both updated and expanded. Langford has surveyed the most important advances...
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