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  Bobby Zeke

Bobby Zeke: I'm a Thief.

298 страниц. 2011 год.
The real character Bobby Zeke, a fictional character in this presentation, is based on a true life story of a character who operates on his own, on the fringe of the a??Brooklyn Boys,a?? who bestow their friendship, aide, and involvement on him but without any formal association with the mob.a?? a??Bobby Zekea?? is a cross between The Sting and The Godfather with episode by episode unfolding, as in The Great Imposter and Around The World in 80 Days. His short stocky build, fast moving wit and personality, combined with a smooth manner, make Bobby a character with raw nerve, style, a flamboyant personality with a zest for life, and a reflective attitude of a??screw the worlda??-Bobby Zeke is here! He is a thief who shrewdly pulls scam after scam for years, including the operation of a very profitable creditcard fraud. This lifestyle enables Bobby to live exorbitantly, spending money as if he has his own key to Fort Knox (which in reality from the operation of his credit-card scam, he...
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