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  Mr Peter Bottomley

Errthe II - King Arthur: The Spelling May Be Different But The Pronunciation's The Same (Volume 2)

216 страниц. 2011 год.
This is the actual story of the Arthurian Legend, complete with warts - WARTS? - it's got warts, piles, sore feet, incest, mistrust, greed, jealousy, treason, adultery, sex, violence and even football and cricket. This is not the romantic, epic adventure that Hollywood would have us believe. Far from it, this one comes complete with all the sex, violence, greed and mistrust that have traditionally made the British people the loveable race they are. This is the story of the formative years of the country that would create the biggest headache, sorry empire, and become the biggest pest the world has ever seen. You'll thrill, you'll marvel, you'll grip the edge of your seat, you'll swallow vallium by the bucketload, and then after all that you could always sit down to read this book. All the usual characters are there, but the more unusual ones far outnumber them. If you're looking for the actual, approved, unabridged, historically accurate and attested by historians saga of the...
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