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  William Wayne Dicksion

Legend of the Lost

330 страниц. 2011 год.
Legend of the Lost was inspired by a seventh-century legend, told by Catholic monks during the Moors' war with Spain, about the "Seven Cities of Cibola," the fabled cities of gold. Legend of the Lost is a story boldly told of a boy and girl whose innocence was lost to time and misfortune--possibly caused by the curse of the "Ancient Ones?" The boy and girl grow to adulthood and fall in love. They find gold and then adversity befalls them. At the age of sixteen, the young woman is raped by two wandering men, and her life is forever changed. Her caring companion tries to save her from self-destruction, but the quality of their love is severely tested as they struggle to find happiness. A cruel double standard exists, and hopefully this novel will help to show that things are seldom what they seem.
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