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  Ed Flint

Corrupt Judges

380 страниц. 2011 год.
This book tells the story about a lawsuit filed in Federal court. This story contains actual court documents. The lawsuit was filed by the writer of this book Ed Flint and the story is about Flint being injured, by the illegal drugs, he was given by a Target Corporation's Pharmacy. Target refused to help Flint and he sued them. The chief judge didn?t like the Flint being his own lawyer. The judges and Target's attorneys took advantage of Flint?s lack of experience and they violated court rules. They played all kinds of dirty trick on Flint, refused to give him the discovery information he was entitled to by court rules. The corrupt judges did everything to make sure Flint didn?t win the case. The judges refused to give answers to 47 motions that the Flint filed with the court. Target did everything to protect their reputation with the public. Other drugs distributing companies which distribute drugs to Target became involved in a cover up with Target and the two judges. The...
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