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  Lance Panzer

Vampire Seductress

276 страниц. 2011 год.
Simone is beautiful, sensual, intelligent, conversational... and in her own way, a hopeless romantic. She is also a vampire. And tonight, after decades of searching, she is about to take a mate. Her chosen one is a man named Ross Sherman, an unremarkable man who dislikes his job and has recently lost his true love. But he reminds Simone of someone from her past, and she has become obsessed with him. Love is blind, after all, for mortal and immortal alike. Ross Sherman passes from terrified victim to addicted lover to unquestioned master. He becomes Vampire. He learns the ways of the Undead--how to feed, how to harness the new powers at his disposal, how to interact with others of his own kind, and how to defend himself against those who would destroy him. Vampire Seductress explores the vampiric culture. It fleshes out the familiar myth to a chillingly acceptable reality. Ross and Simone seduce young innocents into murderous nocturnal trysts. Their short...
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