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  Joanna Gray

The Romanticks

206 страниц. 2011 год.
All Emma-Lynne Romantick wants is a boyfriend. It shouldn't be that hard really- she's not particularly weird, other than hailing from a family of Romaquars. Yes, she is a magical being, one of the universe's matchmakers, without whom the universe would descend into chaos. So why is it so hard for her to find her own special someone? There are a few guys with potential- like her crush, Scott. It's too bad magical law forbids her from self-matchmaking, or Emma-Lynne would definitely slip him a love potion while they work together on the school musical. Of course, there's Noel, the new boy in school who instantly becomes Emma-Lynne's good friend. But she sees him as childish and naive- certainly not capable of the serious and passionate romance for which Emma-Lynne yearns. The Romanticks explores teen ideas of romance, high school anxiety, the fantasy of controlling destiny, and a first kiss.
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