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  PhD P.E., William T. Bisignani

Your World, My World, Our World: Strategies For Thinking, Planning and Decision Making In A Connected World

176 страниц. 2011 год.
We live in a complex and connected world. Every day we interface with many people face-to-face and via email and social networks. Every day we try to solve many simple and complex problems. Everyday we make many decisions. Sometimes we do a good job; more often we could do better. But suppose we have a better understanding of our own individual environment - of our own personal world - and suppose that we have good tools to help us, and suppose that we have step-by-step procedures to follow, and suppose that we have the desire to enrich our environment, and suppose that we have the strategies to do all these things, then could we do better in the many things that we do? This book presents ideas and concepts to help you plan, make decisions, and identify appropriate actions you could take to get what you want! The reader is introduced to the concept of Systems Worlds, to a critical thinking approach called Systems Thinking, and to the scientific concepts of systems analysis,...
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