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  Mac Alexander Macdonald

Lighting Your Own Fuse - A Glossary of Mission, Vision, and Passion: "A Glossary of Mission, Vision, and Passion"

176 страниц. 2011 год.
Finally! A training guide that brings it all together. A synthesis of all leadership, self-management, and motivational training on the market. In short, a leader's “bible." Lighting Your Own Fuse does exactly that, it lights fuses; or relights them as need be. To combat burnout, complacency, or just plain fear, this wonderful book ignites a renewed sense of passion for yours and your organization’s goals. Whether that organization be a corporation, a small business, a nonprofit, a social club, a charity, or your own family, this book has it all. Where things are going well, here is the perfect resource guide to ensure things continue to go well. Where a tweaking is required in your relationships or with productivity, you will find tips, tools, and techniques to keep you steadfast in your efforts. Where an entire examination of your self-concept is necessary, a reinvention of your entire mission statement perhaps, here are the answers. Creatively written in the form of a...
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