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Live and Give: Facebooking My Way Through Breast Cancer   Mrs. Holly Rose

Live and Give: Facebooking My Way Through Breast Cancer

254 страниц. 2011 год.
Live and Give is my memoir. I am Holly Rose, a wife and mother of two, whose world was turned upside down at the age of thirty-nine after receiving a playful posting on Facebook reminding me to perform a self-breast exam. That night I did my self-check for breast cancer and, to my horror, I felt a lump. A week later a doctor coldly told me, a??What I see is not very good. You have a long hard road ahead of you.a?? Initially, my only thoughts were of my babies not having a mother and my husband living without a wife. For the next nine months I questioned, a??Why Me?a?? as I trudged through two surgeries, four months of chemo-therapy and two months of radiation. In the process I unearthed a voice deep inside of me. I had always hoped that God would bless me one day with a voice like that of Julie Andrews, bringing song into every childa??s home, filling it with laughter and love. God did decide to give me a voice; he just had a sense of humor about it. He decided my voice was to be...
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