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My Little Self: Losing Ego and Finding Oneness   Ann Otis

My Little Self: Losing Ego and Finding Oneness

50 страниц. 2011 год.
In searching for my true self, First I had to meet and conquer My Little Self. This lifetime journey of discovery became a reality and a necessity when, asking for guidance, images pervaded my dreams, my meditations, and my consciousness. Over four years as these depictions of my journey appeared. I transferred them to copper plates, bit them, inked them, and then printed the plates. One by one, and not necessarily in order, the images made their way into my awareness. Not until I saw the completed pictures in full color did I understand the progress my creative soul was undergoing. This experience of letting go to my Higher Self, and trusting my inner guidance, led me down the path I had chosen as an artist and an evolving human. IT opened my heart and my consciousness to new adventures. My journey continues as I expand my vision including making these images available so that others will be inspired to follow their own path to truth.
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