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Linda, As in the Linda Murder   Leif G. W. Persson

Linda, As in the Linda Murder

125x195 560 страниц. 2013 год.
Black Swan
In the middle of an unusually hot Swedish summer, a young woman studying at the Vaxjo Police Academy is brutally murdered. Police Inspector Evert Backstrom is unwillingly drafted in from Stockholm to head up the investigation. Egotistical, vain and utterly prejudiced against everyone and everything, Backstrom is a man who has no sense of duty or responsibility, thinks everyone with the exception of himself is an imbecile, and is only really capable of warm feelings towards his pet goldfish and the nearest bottle of alcohol. If they are to solve the case, his long-suffering team must work around him, following the few leads which remain after Backstrom has let the trail go cold. Blackly comic, thrillingly compelling and utterly real, Linda, as in the Linda Murder is the novel which introduces the reader to the modern masterpiece that is Evert Backstrom, a man described by his creator as short, fat and primitive'. He is, without doubt, the real deal when it comes to modern...
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