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Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials  

Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials

180x245 380 страниц. 2010 год.
Composite materials have played a crucial role in engineering by allowing improvements to be made in various materials properties over those of the individual components of the composite. Several newly written articles are included in the 67 that appear in the revised edition of the Concise Encyclopedia of Composite Materials. New to this revised edition is additional material on various topics, including metallic multilayers, nanocomposites, three-dimensional composites, smart composite systems, failure of composites and recycling. Coverage of composite materials and their properties includes fiber composites, particulate composites and naturally occurring composites. Information is given on metal-matrix composites and thermoplastic resins reinforced with fibers. Articles are presented in alphabetical order and each provides a first source of information on the topic it covers. The articles are extensively cross-referenced to other related topics and each has a bibliography to...
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