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Optical Properties of Semi-Conductors   T. S. Moss

Optical Properties of Semi-Conductors

145x215 292 страниц. 1959 год.
Butterworth Scientific Publications
During the past few years there has been a great expansion in the amount of interest and effort - both academic and commercial - devoted to semi-conductors, with a corresponding increase in the number of papers published on various semi-conductor topics. The volume of this literature is now so great that the need for books which review the field is quite apparent. The few books which have been published on semi-conductors so far have provided a rather general coverage, and it is felt that the subject has now expanded to a degree where individual books dealing with only a fraction of the total field are merited. The present work falls in this category. The first forty per cent of the book gives a theoretical treatment of the optical properties of conducting media, absorption and emission processes, inter-relation of the optical constants, magneto-optic effects and all internal photo-effects. The remaining sixty per cent of the book is devoted to an account of the properties...
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