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Relativistic Nuclear Interactions   Carlos Pajares, Yu. M. Shabelski

Relativistic Nuclear Interactions

60x90/16 272 страниц. 2008 год.
This book is devoted to the processes of elastic and inelastic hadron-nucleus interactions at moderate (- 1 GeV) and high energies. After short discussion of the main properties of atomic nuclei we present the standard Glauber theory for elastic and quasi; elastic hadron-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus scattering. Then the inelastic shadow corrections which appear at high energies are reviewed with several methods for their calculation. We consider the different absorptive parts of the elastic scattering amplitude by using the unitarity condition to study the inelastic hadron-nucleus collisions. Several phe-nomenological models, including Intranuclear Cascade Model, Additive Quark Model, and Quark-Gluon String Model are discussed in connection with the description of a large range of experimental data on multiparticle production from nuclear targets. The spa ce-time picture of high energy interaction is given in detail. Finally, the main features of high density parton...
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