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Physics at the Turn of the Millennium: Physics of the Organic World: Novel Ideas   В. К. Воронов, А. В. Подоплелов

Physics at the Turn of the Millennium: Physics of the Organic World: Novel Ideas

Физика на рубеже тысячелетий
60x90/16 160 страниц. 2010 год.
This is the third volume of the series entitled "Physics at the Turn of the Millennium". This book contains two chapters. The first chapter is devoted to the theoretical and experimental fundamentals of a new scientific direction that has formed at the boundary of several disciplines - the field of knowledge related to The Structure and Dynamics of Molecules. In a broader context, it deals with the study of matter at the molecular level. In the long run, such investigations are aimed at elucidating the electronic and spatial structure of multielectron (molecular) systems as well as the nature of processes and phenomena proceeding with participation of these systems. S In the second chapter, essential problems of The Origin of Life And Thinking are discussed. The avenues to the solution of these problems are sought on the basis of advances of modern physics. The book is intended for everyone who is interested in the problems of modern physics.
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