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Introduction to Modern Kinetic Theory: A Set of Lectures   R. O. Zaitsev

Introduction to Modern Kinetic Theory: A Set of Lectures

60x90/16 520 страниц. 2014 год.
The proposed Lectures supplement the course by Landau and Lifshitz with some new sections, without which it is impossible to solve the problems in modern theoretical physics. This book consists of Lectures which the author has been reading in Moscow Institute of Physical Technology since 2003. The first six Lectures present the traditional university course of physical kinetics. The transport equations for ideal Fermi and Bose gases are considered. In other Lectures non-ideal systems are considered on the basis of two-component Green's functions. Non-equilibrium properties of metals, dielectrics, and superconductors are studied in the framework of this method. The non-stationary Ginzburg-Landau equation is derived. The theory of stationary tunneling phenomena and the non-stationary Josephson effect are considered. The linear and non-linear theories of noise in electric circuits are studied. The equations which allow to determine low frequency asymptotic of non-linear...
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