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All About Market Timing   Leslie N. Masonson

All About Market Timing

150x230 304 страниц. 2011 год.
The solid investing approach for profiting in bull and bear markets! The events of the past decade have proven beyond a doubt that market timing is much more effective during bear markets than standard buy-and-hold techniques. If you’re thinking of changing your existing investment strategy, then All About Market Timing is the place to start. Market timing is not as complex as you may think. In no time, you’ll master the skills you need to minimize future losses and keep the profits rolling in, no matter what direction the market takes. Devoid of the incomprehensible jargon and complex theories of other books, All About Market Timing, Second Edition, covers: Why buy-and-hold is a dangerous and unsuitable strategy for investors Time-tested market-timing strategies, including the best six months strategy, a powerful moving average approach, the Value Line 4 percent strategy, and the NASDAQ composite 6 percent strategy, among others ...
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