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  Edited by Claire Kilpatrick, Tonia Novitz and Paul Skidmore

The Future of Remedies in Europe

345 страниц. 2011 год.
Remedies lie at the heart of European legal systems. They both reflect and shape the balance of power between states and individuals and between state and supranational institutions. These profound political implications can be better understood by thinking about the functional roles and institutional histories of remedies. These implications,roles and histories are considered in this volume of challenging and original essays on remedial systems in Europe. This book explores the lively and often controversial dialogues between courts, national and supranational, on remedies. In so doing, it addresses the adequacy of these dialogues in the light of perceived systemic goals, both in an overall institutional sense and as regards specific sectoral objectives or institutional actors’ aspirations. In particular, the book looks at the way in which remedies in the EC legal order interact with those in other legal orders such as the Council of Europe and private international law. It also...
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