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  Chiara Zilioli and Martin Selmayr

The Law of the European Central Bank

324 страниц. 2011 год.
Since 1 January 1999,the European Central Bank (ECB) has borne responsibility for the euro, the single currency now adopted in twelve of the fifteen Member States of the European Union. This responsibility not only fundamentally changes economic parameters, but also has important legal implications. Like the single currency itself, the ECB is a creation of law, more specifically of EC law. It is thus the first central bank in the world to be wholly governed by a set of supranational rules. This new work offers an in-depth analysis of this unique organisation and aims to promote a better understanding among academics and practitioners of the tasks and activities of the ECB. The work is divided into 5 parts. The first is an analysis of the place of the ECB in the EU and its relationship with the institutions of the EC. The second part analyses the relationship between the ECB and national central banks. The third part looks at the decision-making process inside the ECB, the legal...
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