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  Samir Saleh, Foreword by V. V. Veeder QC

Commercial Arbitration in the Arab Middle East: Shari'a, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt

507 страниц. 2011 год.
In this second edition of Samir Saleh's major work on commercial arbitration in the Arab Middle East, the basic format has been maintained, while the author, drawing upon his intimate knowledge of the region and considerable practical experience as an arbitrator, has completely revised and updated the book so that it offers a fully modern account of domestic commercial arbitration practice, with an international dimension, under the sharia and in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. The first part of the book, dealing with sharia, continues to draw on the four major sources of sharia, with illustrations taken from the four main Sunni schools that have influenced its development. This part underpins all the remaining chapters which deal in turn with different national systems, building on the discussion by reference to local statutes, judicial precedents and commentaries. Detailed analysis of law and practice is supported by extensive footnoting, guidance on further reading, and insights into...
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