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  Constantin Stefanou, Simone White and Helen Xanthaki

OLAF at the Crossroads

211 страниц. 2011 год.
The authors offer unique insight to the regulatory, operational and institutional advances of OLAF (the European Commission's Anti-Fraud Office). Since OLAF was set up in 1999, changes in the three levels of OLAF's functional environment have taken place: continuing advances in EU criminal law, especially in the areas of mutual assistance and substantive criminal law, the reconstruction of Eurojust and Europol though recent Regulations and Memoranda of Cooperation, and the prospect of the Lisbon Treaty. The authors share the view that current OLAF's legal framework must address these issues adequately. The approach chosen by the authors is multi-disciplinary. OLAF is examined through the prism of law and EU politics, thus focusing not only on the identification of current problems in regulation and procedure, but also on the feasibility of the institution in the future of European integration. The book's approach is dialectic in that after the exposure of regulatory and...
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