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  Olusoji Elias

Judicial Remedies in the Conflict of Laws

256 страниц. 2011 год.
With a Foreword by the Rt Hon Lord Wilberforce The practical and theoretical policy underpinning the use of judicial remedies on private international law are now assuming great importance within the framework of increasing cross-border litigation. This book is designed to treat these remedies in an analytical and systematic fashion. The forms of relief available,interlocutory and final, have developed into a category of their own, with distinctive principles and considerations. Arising out of a blend of international conventions, national legislation and the jurisprudence of the courts, the remedies have developed their own character quite distinct from the remedies available in national courts under domestic law. Divided into ten chapters, the book provides an analysis of each remedy in theoretical and policy terms, and a practical discussion of the remedies in personam and in rem. Written primarily from the perspective of English law the text also makes use of plentiful...
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