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  A P Simester, J R Spencer, G R Sullivan and G J Virgo

Simester and Sullivan's Criminal Law - Fourth Edition

901 страниц. 2011 год.
“We wanted to write a text on the substantive criminal law which has depth as well as breadth, a book that takes the detail seriously as well as the underlying principles. Our aim was to show the criminal law as a process of argument, not simplistic answers - to write a book that can be read, not merely consulted.” Professor Andrew Simester and Professor Bob Sullivan. This is the fourth edition of the leading textbook on criminal law by Professors Simester and Sullivan. Established as an outstanding modern account of English criminal law, it combines detailed, authoritative exposition of the law with careful exploration of its theoretical underpinnings. It is designed for use in undergraduate teaching, and previous editions have proved very popular with recent cohorts of students. The book has also established itself as a major point of reference in academic writing, here and abroad, and has been cited in appellate courts throughout the world, including the House of Lords, the...
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