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  Edited by Bertrand Waegenbaur

EU Court of Justice

450 страниц. 2011 год.
This Commentary provides for a comprehensive overview on the procedural rules of the EU Courts in Luxembourg. The substantive aspects of the legal remedies at the Court of Justice, the General Court and the Civil Service Tribunal, are laid down in the primary legislation, as amended by the Lisbon Treaty, while the procedural aspects are detailed in the Statute of the Court of Justice as well as the Rules of Procedure of the Court of Justice and the General Court. This book comments on Commentary on the European procedural rules, article by article, taking due account of the established case-law of the Court, thus, enabling the reader to navigate quite easily through the complex rules of procedure and to orientate himself quickly in cases brought before the EU Courts. The Commentary covers also the important 'Instructions' and 'Practical Guidelines' of the Court.
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