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  Justin O Frosini

The Constitution of Italy

234 страниц. 2011 год.
After a brief historical account of Italy's constitutional system under the Statuto Albertino, this book focuses on how the Italian Constitution of 1948 has evolved over the last sixty years, an evolution that has led many commentators to talk of a 'Second' or even 'Third Republic' regardless of formal amendments to the constitution. Subsequent chapters consider the role played by Italy's main constitutional actors: the Council of Ministers and its President, the Parliament, the President of the Republic and the Constitutional Court. Particular emphasis is placed on the political dimensions of Italy's constitution, including the anomalies of the country's ever-changing party system. The text will, where appropriate, introduce a comparative dimension by considering the similarities and differences of Italy's constitutional system with those of other countries. In addition there will be chapters specifically devoted to the evolution of regional government, which is discussed as a form...
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