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  Edited by Andrew Von Hirsch and Andrew Ashworth

Principled Sentencing

448 страниц. 2011 год.
This new edition of Principled Sentencing offers students of law, legal philosophy, criminology and criminal justice an excellent selection of the best available readings on the moral and philosophical issues in sentencing theory. The structure of the book remains the same as in the first edition, though importantly there are now new chapters dealing with restorative justice, ‘law and order’, and postmodern approaches. These new chapters reflect the significant number of theoretical advances made since the first edition was published in 1992, as well as the growing interest in critical perspectives. As before, each chapter begins with an introduction by one of the editors and ends with a bibliography of suggested further readings. The main body of each chapter consists of a selection of readings, some very up-to-date, others more timeless, but each in its way seminal. All the chapters have been revised and the editorial introductions brought up-to-date.
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