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  Simon Stokes

Art and Copyright

284 страниц. 2011 год.
This is the first book to specifically examine in detail the intellectual property rights protecting artistic works and artists’ rights generally in the United Kingdom. The focus is on the UK but where appropriate other relevant jurisdictions are discussed. Recent European developments and the evolving UK case law in this area including the recent House of Lords’ decision in Designers Guild v Russell Williams are also addressed. The Internet and related intellectual property rights to copyright and moral rights are considered as well,including the law of passing off, breach of confidence, trade marks and domain name protection. This updated paperback edition also contains a copy of the droit de suite directive. '..gems of information... detailed references to an extensive body of case law on the copyright protection of artistic works...written in an easy to read and often colourful style.' -Claire Coleman (Copyright World) 'a wonderful piece of luck for everyone in the art,...
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