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  Walter Van Gerven, Jeremy Lever and Pierre Larouche

Tort Law

1020 страниц. 2011 год.
This is the complete version of the Casebook on Tort Law,part of which was already published in 1998 under the title Tort Law: Scope of Protection. Additional subjects covered in this book include the tort/contract divide, causation, remedies, fault and unlawfulness, liability for others, liability not based on fault as well as defences. It is part of the Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe' series, developed for use throughout Europe and aimed at those who teach, learn or practice law with a comparative or European perspective. Readers will find therein leading cases, legislation and other materials from the legal traditions within Europe, with focus on English, French and German law as the main representatives of those traditions. Materials are chosen and ordered so as to foster comparative study, and complemented with annotations and comparative overviews prepared by a multinational team. The whole Casebook is in English. See the detailed webpage for this book: ...
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