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  Gwynn Davis, Nick Wikeley and Richard Young

Child Support in Action

224 страниц. 2011 год.
This book presents a wholly new perspective on the Child Support Agency. The authors were granted privileged access to the CSA’s own staff and were thus able to monitor case conduct from both the Agency and the client perspective. In a gripping analysis they compare the accounts of former husbands and wives with those of their respective legal advisers,and, critically, they incorporate the experience and views of the beleaguered CSA staff who attempted to calculate and enforce child maintenance obligations in those same cases. The media picture of the misery visited upon ‘absent fathers’ is borne out in part, but even more striking is the authors’ account of a catastrophic administrative failure which led to the abandonment of many of the basic tenets of administrative justice. The reasons do not lie in the perceived unfairness of the formula but rather in the failure of those drafting the Child Support legislation to appreciate the impact of such change upon the rest of our hugely...
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