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  Valentine Korah and Ioannis Lianos

Competition Law

898 страниц. 2011 год.
The fourth edition of this book, now co-authored by Ioannis Lianos, now includes substantially more material on UK competition law and on the economics of competition. Another new feature is greater introductory and analytical commentary, making this book suitable for use either as a stand-alone text and materials book, or as a book of materials to be used in conjunction with a second text. It will continue to be one of the best books for students coming to competition law for the first time. The materials have been completely updated to take into account all the recent developments in EC competition law including: the new Guidelines on the application of Article 81(3), Guidelines on the method of setting fines imposed pursuant to Article 23(2)(a) of Regulation No 1/2003, the Commission Notice on Immunity from fines and reduction of fines in cartel cases, DG Competition discussion paper on the application of Article 82 of the Treaty to exclusionary abuses, the Guidelines on the...
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