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  Aidan O'Neill

EU Law for UK Lawyers

921 страниц. 2011 год.
This is the second edition of this concise yet wide-ranging survey of EU law. It sets out very clearly the broad shape of the Union legal system while also giving the reader a good feel for the policy motivations in the Court and the scope of legislative activity. Written in a lively and accessible style it is an ideal introduction to the subject for students and practitioners coming to the subject for the first time. The book is written in the light of the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty which has greatly increased the competences of the EU, while making it more subject to human rights review. Among the additions and changes in this expanded edition the book includes a new chapter on Agency and Distribution agreements, a broader chapter on discrimination law generally, and new chapters on private international law issues in EU law and the development of criminal law in the EU since the introduction of European Arrest Warrant and other policy initiatives in the common area...
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